The Health Risks of Sitting All Day


Modern society is increasingly characterized by people sitting down most of the time. Likely, you don’t exercise enough at home, at work, or while out and about. It may not be evident that sitting all day can pose health risks.

The Negative Effects of Sitting Too Much

A well-documented health risk associated with prolonged sitting is back pain.  For example

  •   Muscles are weakened
  •   Gain weight as a result
  •   Heart disease increases your risk
  •   Pain in the back
  •   These factors cause poor posture

All these health concerns can negatively affect your quality of life. Taking breaks and moving around frequently is essential if you sit all day.

It is also harmful to one’s mental and physical health to sit all day. There are several adverse effects associated with sitting for an extended period, including:

  •   The level of stress increases
  •   Stress can lead to anxiety

Depression can be caused by stress

Sitting’s Negative Effects and How to Counteract Them

While sitting all day, you should take frequent breaks and move around. As a further recommendation, Malaysian desk distributor Desky recommends standing up and moving around every hour for five minutes. Health benefits can be obtained by taking these steps and reducing your risk of illness.

It is possible to find standing desks in many coworking spaces in Malaysia. To avoid moving your computer and other equipment whenever you want to sit down or stand up, consider purchasing a sit-stand workstation if you work from home. For inspiration and ideas on desks, take a look here.

Move your body whenever, even if you cannot stand or walk every hour. While on the phone, you might be pacing or stretching around. By performing simple movements, even simple diseases can be reduced.

Eat healthy foods and drink enough water.

Eat a healthy diet to reduce stress and increase energy levels. Your body needs water to stay hydrated.

In order to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, it is important to ensure that you drink as much water as possible.

Health and well-being can be improved by leading a healthy lifestyle. Taking steps to mitigate the adverse effects of sitting all day is imperative if you sit all day. There will be a long-term benefit to your body as a result.

Make Time for Exercise Each Week

In addition, you should schedule time each week to exercise. Health problems can be reduced by exercising and improving your overall health. It’s ideal for exercising at least three to four hours per week. Maintaining your health requires at least 30 minutes of exercise per day if you cannot exercise for an hour.

The key to enjoying an activity and sticking with it for as long as possible is to choose the one you enjoy. Running, yoga or swimming are all excellent options. Ensure you include exercise in your weekly routine to stay healthy and fit.


Take breaks, move your body, eat healthy foods, use a sit-stand desk, and exercise each week to counteract the adverse effects of sitting all day. A healthier lifestyle is only a few changes away if you follow these steps!

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